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Rota-loo Waterless Composting Toilet

Rota-Loo Waterless Composting Toilet systems have been in operation for many years and are well known to meet or exceed the performance requirements of all State Health Authorities.

In order to conform with the latest requirements of State Authorities, and to give our customers further confidence in the product, Rota-Loo has gone through a rigorous process of testing and audits to prove its compliance to the Australian Standard AS1546.2:2008 for Waterless Composting Toilets.

Rota-Loo has been found by an approved auditor to meet all standards without any change to the design and now holds an
Oceanamark Compliance Certificate.

What we’ve always known to be a great Composting Toilet system has been proven yet again.

For more information including state approvals and FAQs, please visit the Rota-loo website.

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