Tailor-Made Plastic Products

Custom Plastics Fabrication in Australia, Shipping Worldwide

Processes Advisement 

Perhaps you are not sure if rotational moulding is the right process for your product. Call one of our friendly sales team members for a no-obligation, free advisory service.

Product Design

Kiel Industries has a design team to help you through all stages of the process from concept to finished product. Whether you have an idea already or not, give our team a call today.

Premium Moulds

Kiel Industries has an engineering workshop and team that manufacture moulds for clients’ specific needs. Our moulds can be made relatively quickly and affordably. Call us to learn more.

Making Your Products & Custom Solutions a Reality

The Kiel family founded Kiel Industries in 1989. Since then, it has grown into a prominent leader in the rotation moulding industry. We have the largest range of plastic pallets in the southern hemisphere and we continue to dominate materials handling in our field thanks to our innovative ideas on pallets, bins and ancillary products. Our equipment is specially designed to offer economic short production runs and competitive pricing on high volume production. 

Specialised Machinery

Kiel Industries moulding machines have been designed to suit Australian production requirements, Italian designed and Canadian built, Kiel Industries is the only company in Australia with this world class revolutionary equipment. This equipment offers economical prices for the short run productions that are needed today.

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