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plastic sunroofs

Sunroofs for Road Rollers

Kiel Industries was commissioned by Rollers Australia, situated in central New South Wales, to produce sunroofs for their large hire fleet of road rollers. With operation in the harsh Australian sun, the sunroof instantly improves driver comfort by reducing cabin temperatures and reducing the load on the cabin air conditioning units, delivering significant savings in maintenance and repair costs. For Rollers Australia, the sunroofs proved to be a major success.
Kiel Acquires Rota-Loo

Rota-Loo Acquisition

After many years of association with Rota-Loo, Kiel Industries is proud to announce its acquisition of the full product rights to Rota-Loo and OnZite worm farms. These award-winning products are leaders in eco-friendly toilet systems.

Rota-Loo dry composting toilets are waterless, odourless, energy self-sufficient, easy to install, easy to maintain, converts fresh waste into organic humus, and are the world's finest composting toilets. OnZite worm farms are an approved natural wastewater treatment that can deal with all household organic waste.

Custom Designs & Solutions for Unique Projects

We are continually working on new and innovative projects at Kiel Industries. Here are some of our upcoming and past projects. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your next project.
Walnut Hopper Bins

Aussie Goes Nuts over New Hopper Bin

American-owned Australian Walnuts approached Kiel Industries to design and manufacture a hopper bin for the harvesting and processing of walnuts in their new facility based at Griffith in New South Wales.

The American company is using a hopper bin in the U.S.A. which is manufactured locally for them, however, it was uneconomical to export the American bins to Australia. Australian Walnuts also felt that some redesign was necessary to suit Australian conditions.

The new 980-litre hopper bin features four-way entry and has a wide mouth opening for easy discharge. The discharge area can be modified to accommodate a variety of gates. The bins are stackable and available with lids.
Plastic Bulk Handling Product

Safe Biscuit Bulk Handling

When Arnotts Biscuits Australia needed a new method of reliable, continuous snack biscuit supplying for its high-speed weighers and feeders in order to complete packaging, it sought the assistance of two Australian manufacturing companies that are both leaders in their fields.

Victoria-based Kiel Industries collaborated with Pro Ali Design in Sydney on the project to design and build a new production line for the snack biscuit manufacturer — a project that illustrates the expertise and skill of the two companies.

Kiel Industries supplied their KB650 bin for the project. The KB650 is a double wall bin that has smooth internal surfaces with radiused corners that ensure all products are easily emptied without biscuit residue being trapped.

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